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Nuisance Ordinance – information


The Nuisance sections and definitions are provided as a starting point.  Once a draft document is completed based on input from P&Z and City Council, then it will be published for all to review and provide additional input.  A working session will also be held for citizens to call in or come to city hall to discuss the draft version.

Some of the areas being addressed are:
  •  junk vehicles (not the same as antiques or yard art)
  •  firing guns after 9 pm for entertainment
  •  throwing trash/animals on roads
  •  having excessively tall grass in a residential areas
  •  having dead/decaying animals near neighbors
  •  stockpiling of hazardous material
  •  installing lighting that shines into neighbors property
  •  placing human fleeces in inappropriate areas.
  •  hauling garbage/sewage thru town and dropping contents on roads
Some are in preparation for the developments that are wanting to come into the area.
Restrictions have been tailored for agricultural property or agricultural should be exempt.
The list of definitions is provided so all know what we are talking about when we use terms.
If all could be good/considerate neighbors, then we would not need this.  But with the potential of 800+ new homes on Weil rd, further expansion at Weil and Marion, and all the developers that will be working/traveling thru the area, we need additional tools to keep the area the way we want it and peaceful.
2023 – CSC Nuisance Ordinance Definitions -DRAFT


CSC – Master Thoroughfare Plan





PERMIT Overweight, Over Dimension and Frequent Access Vehicles

The following Ordinance listed have been approved and passed City Council

    • Tax Related

Agreements and Organization Related